Ph. 708-444-2434 | Fax: 708-444-2939 Curbs, Stamped Surfaces, Floor Polishing Photo Galleries All About CWU Contractors LLC Concrete: CWU Contractors LLC has 40 years experience in the concrete construction industry, all types of interior and exterior flatwork, curb, sidewalks, driveways, approaches, patios, colored and stamped walks, basement floors and garage slabs for houses, large industrial type floor slabs, machines bases and loading docks. Excavation: Excavating for all work is available thru dependable and reliable companies who are affiliated with us and have a good working relationship in which to coordinate the job to get it completed in a timely manner Snow Removal: A winter-time business which helps keep my crews and equipment busy.  I also hire dependable and reliable subcontractors with pickup trucks and plows who are on call as needed during the winter season.  Salt is available for spreading on parking lots after snow is plowed away.  Rubber tire bucket loaders are available for plowing, and piling of snow and dump trucks for hauling snow are also available. Current client base is the Southside of Chicago and Suburbs.  References are available upon request. These are some of the clients we have serviced over the years: U. S. POSTAL Service, South Suburban Facility Nabisco Brands Jevic Transportation Center Point Properties Commercial Forged Products Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation Honeywell .